Thursday, April 17, 2014

Serenity Prayer - Fail

Most of us in this Grand Ole Land of milk and honey and AA styled programs (12 Steps), have heard of the Serenity prayer (Author: Reinhold Niebuhr). It starts off like this: God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change. It continues onward with all sorts of good words and ideas, and truly is serene, but may not reflect reality. It is shrouded in quasi-religious feel-good babble, and just might be the best darn thing to repeat as a group, if you believe in Sin and weakness. But in the hospital setting, where people come to find answers regarding their bodies, and we do stuff to them with sharp pointy things and powerful drugs, I can not allow myself the Serenity, to accept things that I can not change, not when lives are at stake!. My "higher power" is Education, and I while I work my one day at a time, I expect of myself and all others, the highest degree of performance and knowledge. I can not tolerate stupidity and ignorance, and must speak out against it. 

Oh, I'm frustrated
After today's Kindergarten session,
A couple, short-attention-spanners
Left a heckuva impression, 
On my potential longevity
If this situation doesn't change,
What I need is a human cannon
To send them way down range.

Too many errors of inexperience
I can no longer ignore,
This couple of newbies
Need to find the nearest exit door,
After six months of coaxing and cooing
Happy smiles and sweetness, doth fail,
Failing to study, refusing to learn
They rejected the Holy Grail.


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