Tuesday, April 01, 2014

Fools of April

On Our Heads

It has been a dull, boring year
For inspiration,
So I’m in a learning phase
Out of desperation,
I'm lackadaisical
And procrastinating,
I'm not excited
Standing and waiting.

At my maximum moment
Of absolute uninspired,
The powers that be
Say, "New programs are required",
To satisfy
Regulatory demands,
We must stand on our heads
While clapping our hands.

Another JACO visit
And to prove we're not lazy,
A sheaf of papers to memorize
Management goes crazy,
Reminding and scolding
Rolled up, neat and tidy,
Then they sent me home early
I'll be gone until Friday.

Surveyors should be gone
Maybe the Boss will have praises,
Though it doesn't really matter
There sure won't be any raises,
Those are destined for the team
Dean Lloyd and his crew,
Not even a Starbucks card
For any of you.

Yes, just business as usual
This undignified caring,
Human kindness as branding?
As a slogan, is overbearing.


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