Thursday, April 24, 2014


Down-beaten at work
I can barely write,
We commiserate and complain
Because it's not worth the fight,
When our complaints are not acted on
Patient safety, be damned,
Night after night
We Closers are slammed.

We've got a hot new unit
It sure is pretty,
21 beds, same nurses
And our outlook is gritty,
Naturally, more patients
Can hang out with us,
At the end of our shift
Nothing to do, but cuss.

Then, we are reprimanded
"Too much overtime!"
Charge Nurse stays late
Like we committed a war crime,
They are not effective laborers
Their attention is on the dollars,
Running around, disorganized
Like juvenile installers.

After 12 hours
The money is dandy,
But when I get home
I want a brewsky, not candy,
The chocolate was at work
For a quick energy fix,
At home I might reach for
Blue Moon, one to six.

Relaxing? yes..........
Not so good for one's health,
I'm aging painfully
And pondering my wealth,
Knowing another four years
Would be ideal, to retire,
But can I survive the duration
Or Go Postal, and get fired?


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