Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Over and Over and More

There’s a tilt-a-swirl
Inside my gut,
No matter if
I starve or glut,
It started nine
Long months ago,
Though I think it’s better
Improvement is slow.

There’s a roller coaster
In my colon,
Whenever I eat
Boy, things get rolling,
Up and down
Round and round,
Where it all ends
It will come with a sound

Fart!, I do
With regularity,
Sweet and pleasant?
That's a rarity,
I sleep at night
With my butt aimed west,
So, my bystander wife
Can breathe and rest.

Surely, it's better
Every month that passes,
Although with every meal
There's bloating and gasses,
Which beats diarrhea
Or that problem, constipation,
If one watches the news
That's the problem in this nation.

There's a rock and roll world
In my G.I. tract,
Which I try to hide
It's a daily act,
Concealing the issues
Inherent with methane,
Don't light a match
Or, we'll all be in pain,
And when the ambient odor
Reminds one of a cow,
You'll know I'm around
Not later, right now.


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