Monday, March 24, 2014

Grape Cleanse

Most of the old remedies, now described as "folk medicine", have been replaced by Pharmaceutical pills and potions, that are no better (and commonly worse) than what our ancestors knew to work. Just take a look at the list of ingredients on your average pill. Fillers and colors, preservatives and toxic unknowns. As kids, if constipation was an issue, down the hatch would go either the Castor Oil, or a glass of water with Magnesium salts. Or maybe your momma had you chew some Senna leaves. Well, a good South American Merlot can do the same...........just like Welch's grape juice, but frankly, more enjoyable (in my opinion).

Grape Cleanse

I drank a bottle of Merlot
Full disclosure?, my intent,
To correct a bloated condition
It was money well spent,

Washing my innards
With grape juice from Brazil,
Worked better than any old
Advertised pill.

Smooth with each swallow
And a buzz to go along,
A gentle washing of the gut
Yes, that’s the Merlot song


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