Friday, March 28, 2014

Death Never Goes Away

What with all of the
Death and dying,
Moaning, wailing
People crying,
Bodies never found
Or less,
A bomb goes off
A bloody mess.

Is it better?
To find the remains,
The skull and brains,
Blasted on the
Walls and ceiling,
I'd rather not
There's too much feeling.

A plane goes missing
No bodies found,
A murdered spouse
Buried in the ground,
Oh, where did they go?
Insects and vermin
They might know.

The end result
Oh, it's the same,
Our time on earth
Is like a picture frame,
A snapshot of life
Poof!... then we're gone,
Pushing up daisies
At Forest Lawn.

Although we seem pretty smart
We don't appear to learn,
That our existence is but
A simple turn,
On the chessboard of life
There's a beginning and end,
Really, no surprises
So why pretend,
And similarly
The crying and wailing,
Attachment and memories
That's our failing.


Monday, March 24, 2014

Grape Cleanse

Most of the old remedies, now described as "folk medicine", have been replaced by Pharmaceutical pills and potions, that are no better (and commonly worse) than what our ancestors knew to work. Just take a look at the list of ingredients on your average pill. Fillers and colors, preservatives and toxic unknowns. As kids, if constipation was an issue, down the hatch would go either the Castor Oil, or a glass of water with Magnesium salts. Or maybe your momma had you chew some Senna leaves. Well, a good South American Merlot can do the same...........just like Welch's grape juice, but frankly, more enjoyable (in my opinion).

Grape Cleanse

I drank a bottle of Merlot
Full disclosure?, my intent,
To correct a bloated condition
It was money well spent,

Washing my innards
With grape juice from Brazil,
Worked better than any old
Advertised pill.

Smooth with each swallow
And a buzz to go along,
A gentle washing of the gut
Yes, that’s the Merlot song


Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Over and Over and More

There’s a tilt-a-swirl
Inside my gut,
No matter if
I starve or glut,
It started nine
Long months ago,
Though I think it’s better
Improvement is slow.

There’s a roller coaster
In my colon,
Whenever I eat
Boy, things get rolling,
Up and down
Round and round,
Where it all ends
It will come with a sound

Fart!, I do
With regularity,
Sweet and pleasant?
That's a rarity,
I sleep at night
With my butt aimed west,
So, my bystander wife
Can breathe and rest.

Surely, it's better
Every month that passes,
Although with every meal
There's bloating and gasses,
Which beats diarrhea
Or that problem, constipation,
If one watches the news
That's the problem in this nation.

There's a rock and roll world
In my G.I. tract,
Which I try to hide
It's a daily act,
Concealing the issues
Inherent with methane,
Don't light a match
Or, we'll all be in pain,
And when the ambient odor
Reminds one of a cow,
You'll know I'm around
Not later, right now.



MEN........we represent a minority in the Nursing workforce. There have been gender stereotypes and labelling over the years, and certainly many misconceptions, but probably the whole battle of the sexes nonsense or sex in the workplace magnetism, is the crux of most conflict. I suppose in the end, just like the "House of Cards", it's all about power.


There are things of fantasy
In the duration of career,
New people arrive
One might flirt
Adore and leer,
After all, I'm in a business
As a 10 percent minority,
Just the same as a guy
Pledging a Sorority.

It's true, I'm telling you
Like Dachshunds in heat,
We're a firm minority
And as paramour's we're beat,
Because we are expected
To work right along side,
Gorgeous, beautiful chicks
Who will be someone else's bride.

It's still going on
Oh yes, I can assure,
Promotion of the young
If they're sexy. and endure,
Sure, they have to be bright
As in, the preservation of the species,
And like the rest of us veterans
They just have to love, feces.

Because that is the origin
Of the Underside of nursing,
All that crap we put up with
In spite of our cursing,
Like it was previously laid out
Way back when, by this writer,
In nineteen-ninety two
When things lookied so much brighter.

That was 22 years ago
And this writer grew older,
Still expounding the same message
Albeit, a little bolder,
Because I'll be retiring
A couple of years down the line,
Younger guys, just like me
Must choose and assign.

Sure, this might sound sexist
But WE are the minority,
And those females will decide
Exactly, who is in the Sorority.