Tuesday, February 04, 2014

Memory Dump

Another sad tale of too much to do..............

Memory Crash

A strange thing happened
Late Friday night,
My brain shut down
Overloaded, to such a height,
Too many darn patients
Taken care of, too fast,
After 13 long hours
I had a memory blast.

Fifteen after midnight
My memory was good,
At twenty after midnight
It was an old piece of wood,
I couldn't remember
Any passwords, they failed me,
I couldn't chart the last four hours
Heck, someone shoulda jailed me,
But there was no dereliction
My physical labors were complete,
Just my memories were dumped
As if my brain were concrete.

No point in staying
We punched out, at One,
After fourteen long hours
We couldn't find any fun,
Despite earning double-time
It wasn't worth it, I declare,
And thank the Devil, it was Friday
'Cause tomorrow, we're not there.


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