Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Clamor in the Slammer

Arguments, disagreements, reprimands…………..should take place behind closed doors. And never, not ever, should these disturbances be played out in front of the customer / client / patient. It makes the so called “professional”, look like an out of control idiot. Because they are!

Clamor in the Slammer

A lot can be said
More can be thought,
How much is worth repeating?
Wasted words are nought.

Excessive arguing
The same point over and over,
Makes me want to run and jump
In sweet smelling clover,
Pull it up over my shoulders
Protection from discordant clamor,
Folks like that?
I'd like to throw them in the slammer.

And for Godz sake
Do it in the garage, not at work,
If I had a fire hose
I might go berserk,
Like those police tactic
Crowd control measures,
Silence is golden
The greatest of treasures.

A lot can be said
But usually, it's way too much,
And as a Management tool
Those folks are out of touch.


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