Monday, November 25, 2013

Myna Birds

Our hosses are like Myna birds……...repeating the same things day after day, without seeking workable and efficient solutions.


There is sociological theory
A good King protects his minions,
Assembles an army
To fight opposing opinions,
Stands up as a warrior
And is a benevolent leader,
I guess it is obvious;
I’m a fiction-loving reader.

Our hosses complaints
Went something like this,
Don’t work so late
Or the budget will miss,
But, why did you refuse
That Recovery, yester-eve?
Joe Bob in the Cath Lab
Complained; now you’ll grieve.

No, our hosses don’t support us
We are attacked from within,
There is no rhyme to their reason
This is Corporate sin,
And this poison dribbles down
Through every crevice and crack;
I have a smile on my face
And a target on my back.

The psycho-babble of the 90’s
Would say, every family has it’s issues,
But where I work we wipe our tears
With pepper-spray tissues,
And no matter what they claim
About dignity, safety, and caring,
The inner workings of this machine
Are way beyond repairing.


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