Wednesday, November 06, 2013

G, B & U

G, B & U

Anyone who has read my Nursing writing, is aware that I focus on the foibles of human nature, including all of us in the healthcare professions, and the user-public. The miraculous things I have seen, the precious wonders I have experienced, are those things I rarely talk about. The mere discussion of them, reduces their value in some way, as the listener wasn’t there. Also, how many persons really have experienced the absolutely unexplainable. Those things that defy understanding; where one must truly have an open mind to all things. Mysterious things of the Universe, that truly no one can explain. Whacky religionists might say it was the Devil, Science would try to debunk it, and you might label me as a nut.

Hence, I tend to write about people being stupid, persons making idiotic, moronic choices, and the end result of their endeavors. Some think I’m just a burned out, disgruntled Nurse, but I’m not at all. I work under stressful conditions, tending to the needs of persons with life-threatening heart disease and, I take it very seriously.

I enjoy what I’m doing, and if you or a loved one is in the hospital with a heart problem, you’d be damned lucky to have me as your nurse.

But I am driven to write about it; the good, the bad, and the ugly. But mostly, the last two.


Sublime Frustration

I came here, to take care of my bizness
But instead, I’m just venting my blues,
Thank gawd, I only work 3 days now
Any more, would truly loosen my screws,

Our leaders are cutting out blankets
Apparently, we’re using too many,
One for each patient and none for the staff
If you’re cold, bring a parka, Nurse Penny.

They outsourced the Lab
Medical Records and Staffing,
Environmental Services
Holy crap!, no one’s laughing;

Reportedly, we have 343 beds
According to Wikipedia,
And a lot of silly shenanigans
That never reach the media,
There was the gushing water-pipe incident
Earlier this year,
It closed down half of a Nursing floor
For a week, but did you hear?
I searched the Internet
And all of the local papers,
But no reporting was done
About this or other capers.

Just last Friday evening
An Angiogram, to discharge later,
Her vital-signs were suspicious
BP lower, heart-rate greater,
I drew a CBC
And the White count had doubled,
I informed the Doctor
And both of us were troubled

Keep her overnight
Draw blood cultures, give Cefepine,
I placed the orders, called the Lab
After forty-five minutes, no Tech was seen,
Until my third call for the “Stat”
Getting a little more adamant
Each successive time,
What was the hold up?
Only one Phlebotomist
For the whole hospital
Oh, how sublime.

If I was in the ICU
I would have drawn the blood myself,
But in our cramped little closet
We barely have
Bobby-pins on the shelf;
So, you can see why I’m frustrated
In the midst of performing top quality care,
It’s like trying to drive a car
When the tires aren’t there.



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