Thursday, August 29, 2013



Reported my injury
And the Manager's Coordinator,
Said, you should have called for help
But we had to move him now, and not later,
Mr. Demon couldn't wait
For any handy lift device,
Gasping, cussing and fighting
And we paid the price.

What kind of leadership person
Points a finger, as if to blame,
Not showing concern for the injured
What kind of dysfunctional game,
Causes a person to harp on and on
About why I had 30 minutes of overtime,
Two days ago on the day I was injured....
Her management skills aren't worth a dime.

I love my job
But this Assistant Manager is an ass,
The worst I have ever encountered
Thirty years, since Nursing class,
And this will never be resolved
As long as she remains on the job,
It's laughable, that she believes
She is a worthy leader for our mob.

In hindsight, she said
You could have used the right tools,
Me, I thought the guy was going to code
Then they would have called us fools,
For calling a Transporter to find equipment
While the devil's heartbeat raced beyond 150,
It's not like the equipment we need is on hand
Oh, to work in such a dream hospital, sure would be nifty.

I think the right tools would include
Captains, who care about their team,
I have a wonderful job
And a sergeant, that makes me scream.


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