Thursday, July 11, 2013

Bits & Pieces

In my lifetime, I have been acquainted with three people who later committed suicide. I get it, they had pain, but they didn't have a clue regarding how much pain and suffering they were leaving to their supporters and loved ones. Usually that suicider made a lot of people miserable, even before they took the easy way out. So I don't have much sympathy for your suicidal are narcissistic and grossly self-centered. Grow up or give up, but please do it quickly, Ok?

Bits & Pieces

Artists and musicians, and
Other people who made the choice,
To exit on their own terms
Maybe even crashing the Rolls-Royce,
Although, that's not usually the vehicle
More like a gun or a bridge;
But, not too many people
Lock themselves in a Fridge,
Airtight and cold
Or positively freezing,
Nor do they wrestle with an Octopus
For the ultimate squeezing.

The bystanders, stand by
What else can they do?
They can't put your brain back together
With Dollar-Store super-glue,
No, what they're left with
Are bits and pieces of your pain,
And perhaps, it's just as well
That you ventilated your brain.

Because, we all, were very tired
With that pity-party crap,
It might have worked in the beginning
When you dropped it in our lap,
But time, brought understanding
And distance showed us truth,
Your misery was founded
Way back in your youth,
Before we ever met you
Some bad luggage you've carried forever,
And in our loving relationship
You chose to use it as a lever.

So, goodbye to you
Thanks for picking up that gun,
Or you jumped off that bridge
Or dived into the Sun,
Whatever it was
You did us all a favor,
And finally, dear friend
You chose the right flavor.


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