Sunday, June 02, 2013


Once again, another “new build” set of dubious documentation improvements has been downloaded and delivered to our digital disaster known as Cerner. Why didn't I realize that I needed to do more documentation.........that it would lead to enlightenment and Nirvana? I should have meditated more, and perhaps that is why, I am now, certifiably crackers.


I've been storing up
I have lots to say,
About all the hospital nonsense
Going on today,
Regarding digital
Documentation and more,
Every three months
They keep adding a chore,
As if hospital workers
Had nothing better to do,
Than to poke at a keyboard
Instead of caring for Betty Lou.

When processes are lengthened
Smart workers are tempted to cheat,
Finding work-arounds and back doors
To get the job done, nice and neat,
Managers and System Analysts
Rail against rebels and hackers,
But why should we care?
They only feed us crackers.



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