Tuesday, April 23, 2013

CV, Again

Would you be willing to undergo ten cardioversions and four separate ablation procedures, including a MAZE procedure, to stay out of Atrial Fibrillation and Atrial Flutter? Some people with Persistent Atrial Fib, who are treated with anti-arrhythmic medications, never feel good, and that was why they opted for Ablation (potentially several). I think the last resort, is to have the AV Node ablated (annihilated) and then, have a pacemaker inserted. How sensible does that sound?

Thus, once again, between rounds of golf, Billy-Bob had another CV, again.

CV, Again

Electrical cardioversion, oh my!
Was the 10th time the best?
Well, let's ask the guy.........
The good man on record
With the most persistent A. Fib,
Ten times he's been zapped
Without busting a rib.

Oh, CV again
His claim to fame,
From Palm Springs to Maui
Working on his golf game,
Then he comes home to Cali
For a breather, and Bam!
While resting on the weekend
His heart dances flim-flam.

Yes, CV all over
And over again,
Ablations times four
Electricity times ten,
Yet still, he maintains
The best outlook, and why not,
Golf needs to be played
To the very last shot.


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