Thursday, April 11, 2013

Snooze and Play

As nurses, the day comes when we see the person who announces their badge of  "Disability", waving it proudly, as if they served in some kind of liberating war. I am not talking about those actual military veterans, but rather, those persons who regale us with their stories of medical problems, and how, they can't possibly work any kind of job, because they are disabled.

To me, it's like the folks that stand at the Freeway-ramps, begging with a sign, and they have two good arms, two functional legs, they are not blind or deaf, and in other words,  they seem able and functional enough, to perform some kind of labor so they are contributing to society (and possibly the economy), rather than sucking down resources like a storm drain. No, they would rather snooze and play.

Snooze and Play

Here's what I discovered
When I examined your medical file,
You've been alive for 50 years
But you've been dying for a while,
You can place some of the blame
On each beloved parent,
But please, examine your lifestyle
It is decidedly aberrant.

Genetics certainly played a part
But you abused, as well,
Heart repairs times three now
And you quit the drugs from Hell,
You laugh and joke and talk too much
Are you fourteen going on fifty?,
What a carefree life you lead now
Seems you love it, it's so nifty.

And another thing, my friend
Are you working, and why not?
Oh, I'm on permanent disability
Good looking, and I'm hot,
You could ask my lovely wifey
But she's working hard today,
After all, we need her income
So I can snooze and play.

I'm only 50 years old
My wife's best friend is my driver,
She tells me Jesus loves me
She's my right-hand, pal-advisor,
Sitting at my side in bed
Acting like, my loving wife,
Who is hard at work in the Nursing home
As I whistle on my fife.

What is wrong with this picture?
Nurse-me, I ask the wall,
I have a best-friend transplant recipient
Working hard as a nurse, and all,
While Joe Bob with his heart repairs
Sure looks like he could work; it's a fact,
Another abuser of medical welfare
His disability is surely an act.


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