Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Lemons and Limes

Don't press too hard, on the ancient Bard.

Lemons and Limes

I was traumatized
I'm telling you,
First vasovagal
And then, Code Blue,
But we pulled him back
Before he fell off the cliff,
Though he was gray as a ghost
And partially stiff.

I was doing a groin press
Family at the bedside,
When his heart began to cruise
Towards the dead-side,
I said, "Please step out
There is something we must do",
Then, two minutes later
We launched Code Blue.

He did pass out
Gave up his breath,
And without blood pressure
He was contemplating death,
But we don't allow that
In our garage,
Though we performed about a minute
Of Cardiac massage.

Close to the edge
Counting heavenly sheep,
This old codger thought
He only went to sleep,
Actually, quite surprised
With the crowd around his bed,
His family, the worried ones
That Uncle was almost dead.

"What the heck just happened"
Queried, Doctor Who,
"Last time, I saw my patient
He didn't need Code Blue",
So I ran the blow by blow
I told him several times,
Sometimes you get sour lemons
When you think you're buying limes.


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