Wednesday, January 30, 2013

State of Fear

At the hospital yesterday, the “State Regulators” were onsite. I don’t have a clue what they are regulating, but all Managers got excited, trying to make the hospital look spic and span, clear the hallways, shuffle papers, and definitely looked worried and anxious. Blood pressures were up, and more chocolate was consumed.

State of Fear

The State is here
The State is here,
So we're all in
A state of fear;
Hide your children
Hold them dear,
All bets are off
When the State is here.

Buff the floors
Wipe the tables,
Rumored protection
Mentioned in fables,
Handed down
By Management bosses,
Behave and be good
Or you'll be counting your losses.

Put away the chocolate
Hide your coffee drinks,
Wash hands every hour
Don't spit in the sinks,
Know all your answers
If State officers query,
We are threatened and dishonored
Mercy me!; It's so scary.

The State is here
The State is here,
Now, bombs away
You better stand clear.


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