Sunday, December 02, 2012




Sustain our Mission
That's what the CEO says,
Celebrated by streamlining reductions
Please take a complimentary PEZ,
On your way out the door
We'll miss you, Honey-Pie,
Have your family send us a memo
When you shrivel up and die.

Employees are expensive
Cull the ones that are trouble-makers,
Keep the ones who generate income
The movers and shakers,
Those young Nurses
Friendly, attractive and skilled,
Sell them on our family value benefits
Family-leave, a free car-seat; they'll be thrilled.

Retire the old curmudgeons
Yes, anyone over fifty,
With twenty years in health-care
They are unpredictable and shifty,
Troublemakers, each one of them
They could rip us to shreds,
Sending letters to the local news
Regarding short-sheeting our beds.

The takeaway message as always; trim the sails
Tighten our belts, let's get more efficient,
Always spoken by the man in the pulpit
The guy at the top, he's omniscient,
With a compensation package
Pushing nine million, well-paid leader,
Urging austerity with a twinkle in his eye
Light some candles; burn the incense and cedar.


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Anonymous said...

It's amazing how hospitals are all alike...