Saturday, November 17, 2012

One Forty-One

One day recently, at about the 8th hour of work and just before my dinner break, I had an episode of Atrial Fibrillation. Newsflash: this doesn't go well with work No, I pretty much had to sit down, and wait for it to go away...........which it did about an hour later.

One Forty-One

Atrial Fib at work
It isn't much fun,
Doubling my heart rate
To one forty-one,
I took a Toprol
Drank some fluids, took a seat,
But as soon as I got up
The same irregular beat.

It's not conducive to working
When it's banging away,
Blood pressure shoots up
I need a break and delay,
Hoping the medication
Will kick in and perform,
Then maybe, after dinner
I'll return to the norm.

What was the trigger?
I'm not really sure,
A long busy day
It went by in a blur,
Some aggravating encounters
Contributed, I suspect,
Of these modifiable risks
I must shield and protect.

We educate our clients
"Take your pills, exactly how",
Because ninety percent of them
Don't know Pepcid from puppy-chow,
Whereas, I adjust my meds
To keep my pulse regulated,
The value of that
Can not be over-stated.


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