Wednesday, October 17, 2012


What does it take to be a Veteran of anything? As a soldier, you've gone to a battlefield, and put your life in harms way. As a nurse, what is it? Some sort of other badge of courage, or perhaps a number of years in a type of specialty? I think that is a possible answer, but how many years, I don't truly know.

One thing that I do know, is that Veterans can see through all the flak and find the truth immediately. This is why Nursing, can become more difficult over time. Morals, ethics, good vs. bad practices and all of that other, "it might affect somebody's life" information, becomes readily apparent and obvious. 

Ethical Committee's..............phooey! The RN at the bedside can tell you what's right!


The unethical Doctor Z
Will never get close to me.

With his dubious results
Of cardiac stress,
90% normal Angiograms
And 10% are a mess,
Whereas one of the normals
Will have a serious complication,
This immoral practice
Demands elimination.

Another questionable Heart-cath
The outcome?, disaster,
Dr. Z departs quickly
Nobody, is faster,
Turning over his "care"
To a backup practitioner,
A man with morals and ethics
An old-fashioned Commissioner.

Dr. Z has some issues
Personality, is deficient,
He postures and pretends
As if he, were omniscient,
Claiming all that is worse
From the Lexiscan test,
And with so many normal Angio's
He looks like the best;

Caretaker of constituents
In his tidy territory,
He drives a short Mercedes
Auto-collector?, not his story,
No, I think he's just amassing
The usual dollars, to line his pocket,
If he was an Orthodontist
He'd want to fill your dry-socket.

Do I have the power to challenge him?
Probably not,
He attended good training
But he was no hot-shot,
Knowledgeable, very certainly
He has it all figured out,
The tests he orders, suggest problems
"You need a Heart Cath", he spits out.

The average consumer, won't question
Heck, the information is scary,
"There's a problem with my heart?"
That's like a dead Canary,
Found in the Gold-mine
Down on level 13-C,
Doctor Z suggests an Angiogram
"Heck yes, I want it for me!"

But if the supporting diagnostics
Had been considered in the most thorough light,
Mr. Billy Bob Jorgenson, would have stayed home
But instead, he stroked tonight.


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