Friday, October 26, 2012



Atrial Fibrillation is the most common arrhythmia in persons over the age of 50. Current practice addresses either rate control or rhythm control, meaning that some people are relatively asymptomatic, and if they can't be converted to Sinus rhythm, then, keeping their heart rate below 100 is seen as a reasonable approach. However, they require anti-coagulation. Anyway, there is a small subset of patients who are very symptomatic, fail drug therapy, and are referred for an electrical ablation procedure...............sometimes over and over and again. No fun when you are only 58 and otherwise, extremely healthy.


Hail to the man
With the most persistent A. Fib,
He returned once again
To visit our crib,
He missed us, he stated
We're like family, so dear,
The best place to be shocked
Yes, that's why I'm here.

Dr. O'Neill is so happy
To see you again,
He loves a good challenge
Which is common in men,
Of the Irish persuasion
From the Emerald Isle,
He resides as the Judge
On this most tedious trial.

Handmaidens and bards
Stand by, as you beckon,
They are all placing bets
On that shock, I do reckon,
Such consummate professionals
This likeable crew,
Saying prayers, fingers crossed
Hats off, saluting you.


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