Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Once again they said, "Oh heck, you'll both go home early...........there's not much going on today". Of course, they are the ones that go home at 5pm. Had I worked my normal 10:30am shift, it wouldn't have been a problem. No, because it was a slow day, two of us came in at 9am....................but we didn't leave till 23:30pm. - that's 14.5 Hours on the books.


Oh, I wonder
How they blunder
Born asunder
The leaders of our room,
When billing hours are weak
They endlessly tweak
Talking double-speak
All dire and doom.

Home early, you’ll go
Because it’s kind of slow
But what do they know, they go home,
We have patient’s, we stay late
It’s less exciting than a date
I’m a nurse, it’s just my fate,
Looking forward to a drink with foam.


Bleeding Janet

Late again
But we didn’t plan it,
We had another
Bleeding Janet.

She stood up and wavered
Sprung a leak and made a puddle,
You know you can’t fix that
With a 5-minute Nursing huddle.

Barring no other
Unexpected complications,
Bed rest for an hour
Delayed our vacations.


In the Lurch

Once again
We were left in the lurch,
Prayers don't have much power
In Sister Euphemia's church,
She keeps stoking the boilers
When there are no hands on deck,
And tomorrow morning, on inspection, asks:
"You stayed late, what the heck?"

So, I always pen a note
Make it rhyme, that's my motto,
Though not grossly intelligent
When I'm whack-tired and blotto.


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