Wednesday, October 17, 2012


I think this is how quite a few of our patient's feel, when they have just received the news that they have Left Main disease, and they might drop dead if they go home................


Urgency vs. quantity
That's the cat in the bag,
Like the K-Mart blue-light-special
When you're waving the yellow flag.

Six hours of bed rest
"Are you crazy, that's insane?"
I can't pee lying down
That's not how they do it in Spain;
Yes, I should have just stayed there
And not come to visit my daughter,
I'm telling you, I feel just like
The lamb led to slaughter.

I raised them, way back when
Times were different, and that's a fact,
I'm just on a three month visitation
It hasn't been all that it's cracked,
Up to be, I'm telling you
Aren't you listening?
I only came to the United States
To see a Grandson, to attend his Christening.

And now, here I am
In swaddling clothing, in this hospital bed,
The team of doctors are telling me
I need surgery, or I'm as good as dead.

Urgency vs. quantity
It takes on a whole new meaning,
I'm told my options are limited
And that's kind of demeaning,
For a visitor in this high tech country
A leader in so many parts,
I would think that by now
They could just give me a new lambs heart.

What a predicament
I can't make the decision,
I'm going home and screw all my risks
I'm not interested in an incision,
But I still have to pee
So bring me that container,
I don't want to pee in the bed
And that's a no-brainer.


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