Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Those of you who read this blog know I have a pet peeve regarding the use of our English language, whether it is the over-use of our technical lingo, slang, sloppy speech, and other stuff. The word "closure", and the way it is commonly being employed in our every day language, has finally driven me over the edge. I never want to hear it again..................and hope that I never say the word, myself.


I think it's time to stop using
The term of “closure”
Can't we please?
It only seems appropriate
If I cough or sneeze,
Because closure will protect you
From my nasty bugs and germs,
Can't we please stop using “closure”
And try some other terms?

If my child died to murder
There's no such thing as closure,
I won't forgive, I can't forget
I'll lose my happy composure,
Because closure suggests I shut the door
And washed my hands of pain,
But murder and all those heinous crimes
Forever leave their stain.

Newscasters; stop the use of it
The talking heads who sputter and spit
Reporting: “Closure is only what the family is seeking”,
That isn't true I'm telling you
What they really want is a pitchfork screw
To render that murderer painful hours shrieking.

Suffering tenfold in a similar manner
There's not a murderer anywhere
Who is that kind of planner,
And that is why the death penalty
Never works, because we wait.........,
Twenty frickin' years
For an electrocution date.

That isn't closure
After the prison door slammed shut,
A father whose child was murdered
Always feels it in his gut.

Because Buster Bob the monster
Will live for twenty years with television
Three square meals, a roof over his head
Free medical care, including state-paid heart surgeries
Education in the prison library, no property taxes,
No car insurance, no grocery bills
Free clothing, and
Maybe even see his own sweet (not murdered) children
On the State-guaranteed conjugal visits.

This isn't closure
In any sense of the word,
Let's stop using that pointless term
It reeks of spoiled curd.


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