Wednesday, September 26, 2012

I saw a class offered at our Education Department, designed for Nursing Assistants and Home-Health Aides, with the title: "Nurture the Nurse/Nurture the patient". This was confusing, because here in California, a Nurse is a Registered Nurse, or Licensed Vocational Nurse, and all other permutations of Nursing Assistant, CNA, Medical Assistant, Home-Health Aide......they are not Nurses.

*Per the Business & Professions Code. Division 2. Healing Arts. Chapter 1. General Provisions. Article 7.5. Health Care Practitioners Cal Bus & Prof Code 680 (2003)

So why have the name of Nurse in the title, when this is a class devised for non-nurses?
Seems a bit ambiguous to me.

Furthermore, the class is offered as "free" as long as the student puts forward a "refundable deposit" of forty dollars. I wonder, will they not refund it if I'm in a car accident, or I'm shot, or die in any one of 99 ways? That is a bit worrisome; maybe this is akin to the movie, "Final Destination"?

Last, but not least, the course Moderator is a Clinical Psychiatric Counselor. Just one more reason to avoid that class.

Naturally, I wrote about it:


A class offered for free
But you pay, a refundable deposit?
If you can't make it to that class
Your money stays in their closet.

Refundable and free
Are nowhere near the same,
They are threatening to charge you
If you somehow miss the game.

Which sounds like negative reinforcement
Hardly inviting, wouldn't you agree?
The Moderator, a Psychiatric Counselor
Offering to psycho-nurture me.

I think I will avoid altogether
The class known as "Nurture the Nurse",
They claimed it was storytelling and healing
But quite frankly, I am averse.


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