Friday, September 28, 2012

I admit it; I’m getting a little paranoid regarding sheath pulls. I worry...........even though I have probably done 300.


I am over-responsible
That is the bane of my good deeds,
I feel really bad
When somebody bleeds,
Sometimes, not even the person
That I am watching over,
I have this over-reaching sense
That I too, am guarding Dover,
That last bastion of cliff
Before the invaders, bust the perimeter,
When anyone bleeds
It overwhelm my altimeter.

Sure, it was covered
Concerning benefit and risk,
But this is more than just vinyl
Or your average compact disc,
Because these are new times
Where bleeding is on every menu,
Every time your Physician suggests
Why not visit our venue?

Doctor performs his procedure
He has done his good deed,
You come to us for Recovery
We carry the burden of bleed,
Rest assured, we are well trained
To honor the nuances of your vessel,
But I assure you, it's not so simple
Quite often we will wrestle;

To contain your bloody circuit
By squeezing, and pressure,
You might complain about the force
And rarely call it a refresher,
Because we know that it might hurt
And we are Masters of pain,
But hopefully, we have answers
To mollify your brain.

Is that the sign of any good nurse?
I suppose that it is
But it's a blessing and a curse.


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