Thursday, August 09, 2012

We were supposed to start work at 10:30am today, but the Charge nurse figured that the day would be short (fewer patients than anticipated), so why not try to close early. Ok, fine, but the truth is, it's easier to let us work the regular time, just in case the shift runs we don't incur overtime.

Sure enough, all the unexpected things like transfers, late Caths, emergencies, and then the last patient bled on their test ambulation. So now, we'll both be here at least two hours over. Tough break, boss.

Why So Late

In case you wondered
Why so late,
Two home discharges
After eight,
One Kaiser transfer
Cathed at ten,
And the last
Home discharge,
Like a pen;
At 22:15
We had to wait
For an hour,
To see if she could depart
Under her own power.

Story to be continued?
I don't know,
But sooner or later
Home we'll go.


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