Friday, July 13, 2012

As a nurse of 29 years........yup............I've kept sort of a running roster in my head, of my personal team of "Nursing All-Stars"; that is, if I could assemble my favorite All-Star team that I was working with.

This is not because I think that I'm the greatest Nurse..........not a chance.

It is because I understand that the best Nurse, is the one with the best buddies, that they can rely on, through thick and thin.

To all of you on my list:


Oh, my gosh
Such news, it’s good,
Doth warm the heart
Just like it should,
An old friend past
From times, back then,
We worked together,
Like ink and pen.

When pen and ink
Might separate,
The matter, cause?
Sometimes, one goes
To find new paper,
Where pen and ink
Might write a new caper.

Who forayed first?
Perchance, one wandered,
Don’t waste your time
Upon details pondered,
“Tis serendipity
That’s for sure,
But together they would say
“This is the cure”.

I wax poetic
That’s my style,
But I’ll promote all those
Above the rank and file,
Those colleagues I know
That I can trust, at all times,
These are the ones
Who have earned my rhymes.


ps: thanks to all of you

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