Friday, May 11, 2012

I went to a pretty interesting Cardiology seminar last week. But.......(there's always a but, it seems), when it was time for the "Nursing" perspective talk, it was a sleeper. I've made it a habit to obtain my license-required Continuing Education hours, by going to seminars that are targeted to doctors, because in general, nursing education is a bore. I'm interested in science, not "Creating Person-Centered Care through the Five Core Principle", or, “Fostering and Sustaining Family Involvement “. And anything pertaining to “empowerment”, I would surely avoid, along with “nursing leadership and management”, too.

Nursing is a tough business, so why in the heck are those educators, trying to put everybody to sleep at their seminars? Here's a winner: “A Closer Look at Practice Guidelines: A Focus on Evidence”. As you may have figured out already (if you've been a reader at this blog), I'm a bit stymied with all of this emphasis on “evidenced-based practice”. It makes me feel like we want to bring attention to the fact, that for all the years previous, we were just doing our Nursing stuff on some arbitrary whim. Well sure, maybe we were, but why advertise that to the world? It's like were saying, “we were idiots before, but now we're smarter”.

So there I am, with my longest-knowing nursing pal, trying to keep up with the latest in Interventional Cardiology, and now it's 2 hours post-lunch, and a “nursing practice” topic is presented; Time to press the snooze alarm!


Not dynamic
Not exciting,
Like fishing, when
The fish aren't biting,
Coffee can not
Conquer this war,
I surrender
It's a crashing bore.

I think our presenter
Read from a guide,
A preprinted syllabus
All the words are supplied,
And delivered in a manner
Without vocal inflection,
And for the fee that I paid
This doesn't pass inspection.

I suspect it's just filler
For the late afternoon,
But if it goes on much longer
The audience will swoon.


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