Friday, May 18, 2012

A meddling mid-manager dropped in the other day, and informed us that we couldn't keep any personal beverages (water) or snacks. Some rule /law/regulation, disallows hospital personnel from having edibles in a patient care area. I did have a few carefully chosen words which I expressed, but it only produced some chest-thumping animosity, from mini-boss....................

Angel Cake

Dear Allison, I beseech you
I need to take a break,
My manager is on vacation
And I thought of you, my angel cake,
After all, 'twas you that mentioned
That my manager was my source,
To call for the need to take a break
Thus, you're the closest horse,
To pull the cart, to win the race
When I'm at the stable resting,
You were the one who suggested this
Surely, you weren't jesting?

Dear Allison, I am wondering
Has our relationship become jaded?
The last time I bumped into you
You flashed a smile, and then it faded,
Perhaps my uppity comment
Regarding food and drink at work,
Reminded you that truthfully
I'm just an elderly nursing jerk.

Dear Allison, I implore you
I know you have a sweeter side,
If we had never crossed these paths
I think you could have been my bride,
With your ever winning smile and humor
Your relaxed and soothing demeanor,
Now, every time you see me
You're probably thinking, "what a weiner".

Thank God, you're not my manager
It's just too bad that we are peers,
But if this was two thousand years ago
We would talk with swords and spears,
Those days of good old sportsmanship
Are long past, but not forgotten,
So keep away from our cupboard, dear
Even if it's smelling rotten.


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