Sunday, February 12, 2012

The years of your career, the many experiences and books of knowledge you assemble that is you...........allow your work day to be a journey of excellence. But what is it that makes any single day stand out, the event that cuts a little groove in your memory blank?; I find it to be the Uncommon Interaction.

Uncommon Interaction

All in one day
The uncommon interaction,
My neighbor's daughter had a Cath
Was the first distraction;

Then retired nurse Betty
Her husband, on the table,
Had been my patient last summer
At my previous stable;

Encounter number three
Caught me completely off guard,
A person I used to work with
In the University yard,
We both exclaimed the same
“What are you doing here,
Man, I'm so surprised to see you
It seems it must be at least ten year”.

Amidst the stress and all the drama
That surrounds me every day,
It's the uncommon interaction
Like an afternoon parfait.


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