Friday, February 24, 2012

Over the years, many jobs, and there is one certain thing in common; sooner or later, the new guy or gal, gets jumped in some nasty way. Technically, I'm talking about some sort of verbal assault, but anything counts here, as I am sure many others would attest. It is sort of a “Welcome Wagon” in reverse. I wouldn't say that it's always the playground bully, but certainly, there is that common thread of uncalled-for anger, pressure, coercion, pettiness, which leads to an unexpected attack of some sort.

I'm going to use the Bobcat, as a euphemism, for this kind of unruly behavior


A Bobcat bit me
Late last night,
It was so unexpected
I had quite a fright,
And the fact, that it occurred
On hospital grounds,
Well, that's the kicker
Because the way that it sounds,
Why, no one would believe me
They'd say, “C'mon, you must be kidding,
You must have paid your witness
To support what you're bidding”,
So, for now I'm keeping quiet
But, I'm prepared for the next attack,
And if I spot that Bobcat first
I'll just shoot him in the back.

Don't Need It

Workplace violence
A verbal assault,
I don't need it
For my gestalt,
Because an attack of this nature
Unexpected, unannounced,
Is like a Bobcat attack
I've been pummeled and pounced.

I've seen a Bobcat
When I lived up on the hill,
Carnivorous, I suspect
They eat, what they kill,
So next time, I'll shoot first
And ask questions, later,
There will be Bobcat for dinner
After a pass through the grater.


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