Saturday, January 07, 2012

This is the first story for 2012, but it's really a sequel to "Blackhole" posted on December 31. So, to understand this, just read that one also.

A Bloody Emergency

I almost think I am psychic
And causality, is my gig,
I wrote of my likes and my hates
What happened, is prophetically big,
I went to work the next day
As if to test my creed,
I became intimately involved
In a hemorrhagic bleed.

The candidate for this disaster
Had an A. Fib Ablation, that day,
Three puncture sites times two
Long-term outcome is good, one would say,
But in the short term risks are present
The patient shouldn't wiggle and squirm,
Repeating over and over, “please, don't move your legs”
But the guy was like an undulating worm.

I accept that he didn't enjoy supine
I understand he had chronic bone pain,
But with prior experience, he knew what to expect
He was not a novice, in this lying-flat game,
An hour went by, he was stable and awake
'Twas almost time for his move to the floor,
We carefully turned him, he yelled and he strained
And his artery blew, oh, the gore.

Prophetic I was
Oh, a seer I be,
I'd rather run from any task-list
For a bloody emergency.


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