Monday, December 26, 2011

Things were pretty slow the day after Christmas, a Monday, such that there were no procedures or "preps" on our roster. However, we still had a couple of people on and you. I received the dreaded phone call about 0835, right in the middle of a cool dream about the mini-mountains outside of Escondido, Cal, and the "hidden" Buddhist monk gathering at their amphitheater, that I discovered. What a dream to leap out of!

Anyway, no matter how I look at it.................'twas easy money.

Just a Wiffle and a Doodle

On-call Monday
The Christmas day, after,
Awakened at 8:30
By the phone, no, not laughter,
A 9:15 clock-in
Betty-Lou was in charge,
Oh, the dread in my heart..........
Just glad it wasn't Large Marge.

A couple of Echocardiograms
Were awaiting on my plate,
Scheduled two hours apart
One is bound to be late,
But then, the second one was cancelled
He was hypertensive and tachy,
Hyper-fluid dynamics
Results unclear and just wacky.

Three more hours of doodles
Help and assistance to share,
I got home about four
Easy work, completely fair;
Short hours, extra pay
Who could complain about that,
On-call is just a wiffle
When it's my turn at bat.


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