Sunday, September 04, 2011

There's nothing wrong with keeps nurses off their phones, off Facebook, and makes the time fly. But sometimes if you look in on it, chaos will be your impression. The new job is a bit of all that

The Wild Magician

It's a dance, it's the rhumba
It's some crazy samba, my friend,
In the middle of the day
It's seems like there is no end,
At five in the morning
You might think you know these folks,
But they're just passing through
With all of their nervous jokes.

Let's take a moment to examine
To summarize the outpatient condition,
They are told to arrive two hours early
So we can prepare their admission,
Hopefully, they arrive promptly
To give us time to do their prep,
In theory, we're a well oiled machine
With everything going step-by-step.

Unfortunately, in real time
We dance to the tune of the wild magician,
From the doorway, it looks more like chaos
Combustible and approaching ignition,
Patients are waiting beyond the time
There were informed regarding appointment,
Because of an emergency with Billy Bob Borko
Extreme Unction, consecration and anointment.

But eventually this day shall pass
The most that need be done is achieved,
And as long as they continue to pay us
No one shall be aggrieved.


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