Thursday, August 04, 2011

It's official: I applied for a different hospital position, interviewed, was offered the job on the spot (seniority/experience) and accepted. I'll be moving across town to another subsidiary of this same system, and I'll be able to walk the one-mile to work. But what will I miss from my old job, when I switch over?

Won’t Miss

Nightly bath’s
And cranial drains,
Insulin drips
And hemorrhaged brains,
Delirium tremens
And the overdosed,
The suicides
That meet the holy ghost.

Respiratory failure
And the bundled VAP,
GI Bleeds
With smelly crap,
Gaping wounds
That just won’t heal
Because none of this
Has sex appeal.

Oral-care, and
Q-2 rules,
Turn and baste
And lifting tools,
High-tech equipment
Not ergonomic,
Break-room size?

HAPU-this and
John Hopkins, that,
Acronym’s for everything
Like, who fell flat,
When the family demanded
Elmer, should ambulate,
After 3 months in bed
It’s too damn late.

Patient satisfaction
Screw that up
You’re not forgiven,
Then top-end bosses
Will stomp and snort,
About that juicy
Government support.

Post-op surgicals
Delivered free,
Into this
Convoluted place,
We cover all specialties
Of the human race.

The flier was on the wall
But I had to squint,
The matches were missing
And I had to use flint,
But when I lit up that paper
And followed the ink,
I found a position
That caused me to think,
And ponder the option
A most excellent adventure,
Could I apply in time?
That was the clencher.

I’m moving on
And heading back,
To Billybob
With his heart-attack,
The heart-failure group
And the E-P ablations,
Pacemaker placements
And aberrations,
Bypass and valvular
Heart repairs,
I’ll advise them on diet
And climbing stairs,
Take all of your Plavix
Your Aspirin and Statin,
And if you want to live
You better unfatten.

Can this old dog
Learn a few new tricks?,
I'm betting yes
In a couple of clicks,
And the walk to work
Is one heck of a bonus,
And surely, I won't miss
That pseudomas!


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