Thursday, June 09, 2011

Sure, we always do a Skin Assessment when we admit someone, (and of course 2 nurses sign on it), but now, Sister Euphemia wants us to do a Sin Assessment!?! Can you believe it?

Sin Assessment

Down at Sister Euphemia's place
Everyone working has a happy face;

You might think it's natural
But the water is tainted,
One day I drank so much
I almost fainted,
Swooned, I did
With ever-expanding joy,
I gotta be thankful
Because they do employ,
All sorts of us heathens
That follow a different path,
Sister Euphemia states;
Just give a good bath.

When a new patient arrives
We assess them head to toe,
Using all of our five senses
And technology for the show,
Charting hundreds of check-marks
On many drop-down lists,
If something is wrong
We have to see if it exists.

Now, since this is a Holy
Hospital place,
We evaluate the sins
Of the human race,
And then we'll formulate a care-plan
To wipe clean your dirty deeds,
Medicare demands it
Stating, “address all of their needs”.

Who can argue with that?
And Sister is paying,
We always do what she says
If we want to be staying,
At this heavenly job
Hell, it's Paradise, after all,
If you need to be employed
Why, just give us a call.


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