Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Gee, it seems like every other week, there's another protocol dropping in our lap. Half of the time, it's a new one, just like the old one, but a little bit different. They want to sell it as new, but it's just a revision. It's "evidence based", but wasn't the other one too, and if so, does that make us just a bunch of liars, in retrospect? If so, I'm going to confession, asap, before Sister Euphemia finds out.

Protocol Prognosticator

Protocols to the left
Protocols to the right,
A protocol for Sepsis
And Neurological blight,
As it was in the beginning
Is now, and never ending,
Protocols are the lifeblood
That experts are recommending.

Protocols are guidance systems
Armed and ready to fire,
Like everything in life, my friend
The circumstance is dire,
Poised upon the precipice
Of critical mass and disaster,
Just fire up that protocol
And you will be the master.

Large-group studies do propose
That if we read statistics right,
Some protocol will save us
In the middle of the night,
Despite apparent random selection
And other wild-cards of duress,
I propose a simple toss of a coin
As a worthy prognosticator, of success.


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