Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Well, it happened. The bigwigs rule the day. Our 20 bed ICU has now been chosen to accept (allot) ten of our beds for acute Neuro patients. Look, this is a passion one is born into, not picked willy-nilly. I have spent 30 years doing my best to avoid acute Neuro. Now, it wants to jump on my back. Here are my thoughts about it:


We’re the C-M-N-P-P-S:……. ICU
We can fix you up
No matter what you do.

You can blow a vessel
In your brain,
Or have the heart-attack
With crushing pain,
A saddle-block
Pulmonary embolus,
Or a pelvic abscess
Filled with pus.

We have surgical clients
With a perforated colon,
And gall-bladder's swollen,
Drains out the yin-yang
And wound vacs that suck,
In for a dollar
And out for a buck

We admit psychotropic
Seizure manics,
When they come in
Everybody panics,
Like alcoholic
Bipolar Bobby,
Collecting personalities
Like a knick-knack hobby.

Let's remember Septic Suzy
Of nursing-home fame,
Seven organ-systems failing
And she's losing the game,
Her family wants everything
Because life has no price,
Suzies age is one hundred
And she's rolling loaded dice.

Now rumor has it
We have allotted ten beds,
For all of those people
With screwed up heads,
And when the dust settles
It’s anyone’s guess,
To see who’s left standing
At the bottom of this mess.

But we don’t care
If you have all those issues,
We have stem-cell soup
To repair your tissues,
And we’re paid by the organ
On an exponential scale,
Whatever the problem is
This plan can’t fail.


(*Cardiac-Medical-Neuro-Pulmonary-Psychiatric-Surgical ICU)

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