Tuesday, March 22, 2011

A buddy of mine reminded me that I haven't posted anything in a while. It's true, but I haven't been to work in almost four months either. When I'm not there, inspiration lags without new experiences bombarding me right and left. I've had a few ideas here and there, but nothing really came of it. However, since I will be returning to work in about 2 weeks, just the mulling about it caused a writing.

Preparing My Return

I've barely said a word or two
In one month recent past,
The days turned over hours
That hardly went too fast,
And now I'm preparing my return
To stomping grounds of old,
Will my old and newer workmates
Accept me, back into the fold?

Something to look back upon
I missed the pneumonia season,
My advice if planning injuries
Pay attention to the reason,
Whether stumbling in the gaping hole
Or falling down the stairs,
Be careful how you do it
To avoid the worst repairs.

I broke a foot and leg bone
And yes, it hurt like hell,
But surgery was avoided
And the plaster cast as well,
Now walking isn't as easy
As it once was, yesteryear,
But I'm strong enough to face the beast
With my shield and trusty spear.

Another aging warrior
Returns to the blooding field,
Stumbling over sleeping pigs
In harmony, they squealed,
Awakening the enemy
A disturbance of the peace,
We'll hang him by his toenails
And fry him in the grease.

Hopefully my return
Will be anti-climactic, for a pause,
Hold back the circling heathens
Who are sharpening their claws,
Allow me a moment of preparation
To face the advancing hoards,
Then I can dive in with some gusto
And earn my just rewards.