Sunday, July 25, 2010

You know it's organizational when the attack of the acronyms is underway. Here's just a sampling:

It’s 2010 and we have been informed about the following program (guided by the Guru’s of Pharmacy):
M. E. R. P. – Medication Error Reduction Plan

Now, other Departments want to jump on the acronym bandwagon too. Thus, consider the following other M.E.R.P. renditions:

H.R. Employee Benefits: Mandatory Employee Rest Period

Finance: Miscellaneous Expenses Rarely Paid

Respiratory Therapy: Mucus Extraction Raunchingly Putrid

Dietary: Meal Enjoyment Rendered Promising

Physical Therapy: Manipulating Extremities Really Painful

Cashier: Money Extraction Realized Profit

Neuro-Surgery: Mental Excavation Risky Proposition

The folks in the G.I. Lab figured they should have a B.E.R.P………….
Barium Enema Rectal Pain

No doubt the rest of the hospital will soon follow suit!


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