Friday, July 09, 2010

Our Staff-Restrooms and our break-room are becoming plastered with memo's, reminders, administrative directives, notes from the CEO, etc., ad nauseum. There is no haven of repose anywhere in our unit. This is an outrageous case of invasion of privacy, and I'm fighting back!

Memo's Forever

Memo this
Reminder that,
Document new stuff
In fifteen seconds flat,
Over and a'over
And let's do it again,
Have no doubt, there's always more
Don't ask why, nor query, when?

Memo this
For recording that,
The charts became thinner
But they're digitally fat,
Layers upon layers
Of drop-dead menu's,
The Ad-Hoc dominion
Is like a Grand-Central venue.

Memo's forever
In the throne-room on the walls,
You can count on stuff to read
When Mother-Nature calls,
Worry not about the dilemma
If the toilet paper was swiped,
Just grab the latest memo
Or a couple, and you'll be wiped.

Memo's on a rampage
We're still killing trees,
The paper chart is history
With memo's flapping in the breeze,
It's just a game of substitution
We're still cranking out the copies,
And don't imagine that it's safer
It's on the hard-disc and the floppies.

Memo this
There is no purity,
PHI is found on Google
It's a joke, our famed security,
Despite threats of wagered fines
Financial damages and the like,
Take a note, it's the 21st century
Cracking the code, is like riding a bike.

So read the memos, take your notes
Tell your family, friends and neighbors,
We swear to honor your secrets;
But we're rattling hollow sabers.

Read the reminders, scribe the details
Every day there's something new,
And for fun, describe our memo's
When you float to ICU.


1 comment:

K. Tree said...

Most of our memos are only worthy of being used as toilet paper...