Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Did you ever use the Nerve-stimulator for testing the "Train-of-four", in respect to the use of neuromuscular blockade agents?

The latest teaching tool at work prompted me to think hard upon this topic.


Hanging on the wall at work
We have a brand new poster,
It describes the nerve-stim test device
And it works just like a toaster.

It runs on 9-volt batteries
And you clip it to the skin,
Then turn it up to level-eight
And take it for a spin.

One twitch of yonder finger
Is a hit, but you want more,
Double up the milliamps
And tally up the score.

It's fun to use at parties
To check intoxication,
Or a prod to wake up Nurses
When they're sleeping at the station.

And also recommended
By the manufacturer,
For the dysfunctional erection
It promises a cure.

With the nerve-stim applicator
Success is a guarantee,
Promotions will come easy
Zap the boss, and he'll agree.


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