Thursday, May 13, 2010

This is the last poem for the day, which includes the post's you can read, further down the page.

Our "new" 20-bed unit just gets crazier every day. I willingly step in as "Relief Charge", because I'm a closet-megalomaniac. Ya, any rights, I'm technically a masochist, because this place is nutso. In the first four hours last night, we admitted 5 ICU players, transferred another, and sent another to a buddy hospital, and the northwest corner player had to get emergently intubated. I took about 50 calls on my Commander phone during the shift. Sure, I got a little testy at times; who wouldn't.

During my 20-minute drive home, I dictated the following tale:


It was a dud, again
It was, it was,
And I ask myself why?
Because, because.

Assignment Done
Under Duress,
No matter how much I scream
It doesn't impress,
The powers that be
And the powers that don't,
It's a dud again
And I wish, but I won't

We were slammed
Pinched and scrambled,
I made some side-bets
But I've never gambled,
With odds such as these
Who could possibly win?,
It's a dud again
And I lost some skin.

An Assignment Done
Under Duress, I swear,
Twelve hours go by
And I've lost some more hair.

While the Boss in her bonnet
Is asleep in her bed,
Twelve, over-worked nurses
Are raising the dead.

And a dud is developing
On yonder north corner,
After raising the dead
We've discovered a mourner.

The Night-Supervisor
Calls me seventeen times,
With fourteen ideas
I can turn into rhymes.

An unwitting accomplice
To the power of words,
Creating seven new stories
About chattering birds.

A dud by another name
Is a dud by the same,
Assignment Done Under Duress?
Is the same cheatin' game,
I'll do all that I can
For the mission and the plan,
Just know, that I was under duress
And I'm not Peter Pan.


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