Monday, May 03, 2010

I don't know about you, but sometimes all the flippin' memo's, decree's, announcements, reminders, JCAH crap, rules and regs, P&P's and so on, end up plastered all over every spare freewall in either the employee restroom, conference room or break-room! Enuf, damn it! We deserve some friggin space where we're not being reminded to do some new, stinkin' thing! Sheesh.

Restroom Repose

The restrooms of our unit
The private, employee loo,
Should be a place of repose
Not a forum of, "You must do"!

Let's save the professional memo's
For the walls of the conference room,
Where we gather Q12 hours
For the daily groom and doom.

A recent Reuters readers poll
Affirms by group opinion,
Leave the memo's off the walls
In the loo-dominion.

Dear leaders, don't find insult
With the comments I opined,
They are but ramblings of my repose
In this room, where all unwind.

*(Loo = Toilet or Restroom)


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