Friday, April 02, 2010

These days, it seems like some people survive a cardiac arrest, much better than one would expect.

Take the case of Betty Boop; age 67, normal bmi, not diabetic, no history of heart disease or hyptertension. Retired, active volunteer, loves to play tennis. Mild COPD, and asthma, retired smoker. She's playing a round of Bridge, and wham, has a V. Fib arrest. Down-time at least 4 minutes with no CPR. Post-code first 12 hours, unresponsive, comatose, on a ventilator. But within 6 more hours, she's following command and nearly ready for extubation. She had another short episode of V.tach, but we shock fast and clean.

But the kicker is, that 2 days into the ordeal, she is so far out in left-field, that she's on the exit ramp outside of the stadium, in full-blown delirium-tremens, courtesy of her daily vodka routine. Totally loopty-loo. She'll probably go home in a week, and claim she met Jesus on the other side.


V. Tach, V. Fib
Get shocked and bust a rib,
No oxygen, a four minute wait
And now she makes a heckuva date.

She woke up lucid
Like a lucky charm,
As if, V. Tach, V. Fib
Could cause no harm,
But now she's seriously
Because she sucks down vodka
Like Mountain Dew.


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