Friday, April 09, 2010

Several days ago, and 3 poems down, I wrote about the cardiac arrest victim, who looked like she had an anoxic brain injury, but really, she was just in alcohol withdrawal.

Here is another look at the treatment:

Beelzebub's Bride

After so many days
Of craziness, that chick,
Finally convinced someone
She was legitimately sick,
And the sickness was alcohol
Or the lack, there of,
She might straighten around
If we provide her with love,
Absolut-ly said her mother
That's just what she needs,
Supply her with vodka
Before somebody bleeds.

A fountain of nastiness
She flung four-letter words,
With every breath that she took
She was spitting out turds,
But now that she's medicated
On Vitamin V,
With a shooter of Paxil
She's as happy as can be.

Sometimes we have to surrender
To the demons inside,
Or face up to the consequences
With Beelzebub's bride.


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