Thursday, April 29, 2010

Regarding floating to another unit.

The Luck Of The Draw

I was floated
And it was all good,
As any old, unexpected float
Really should,
Two patients were mine
Of the genre' I know best,
My float didn't have to be
Some kind of crazy test.

It could have been worse
Oh yes!, it surely could,
The Charge-nurse in this place
Was actually good,
Because everybody knows
What is the baddest of the bad,
When 12-hours goes by
And you depart really mad.

Now sometimes the float
Turns into a real whopper,
When the nurse that floats in
Is an undercover copper,
And they warned me about this
But I already knew the score,
I would never reveal secrets
Like that undercover whore.

Because I know, that when I'm floating
I'm like the cousin of a guest,
It's my whole hearted duty
To perform at my very best,
And I know that assignments
Can be sour, sick or worse,
Because the luck of the draw
Can mean you're a winner, or you're cursed.


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