Saturday, February 20, 2010

Either we're getting really good, or some people don't die easily. This patient was a Type 1 Diabetic. For lack of insurance, she hasn't bought Insulin in 2 months. She was found down at home. Upon admission her pH was 6.8, a glucose over 700 and an unmeasurable bicarbonate. In any population, that is considered so near death, as to be considered as virtually waiting before the pearly gates. Now it's 24 hours later and she's talking about little Muffy her dog. Like I said, some folks just don't die easily.

Diabetic Curse

The diabetic patient, can
Be their own enemy, my man,
If they don't follow their diet orders
Their blood sugar will go beyond the borders.

Or say, they're on the Insulin shot
Two times a day, whether cold or hot,
But then they stop for a month or two
Surprise, surprise, their death comes due.

We try to save that unfortunate mate
Whose blood pH is 6.8,
And a glucose of one thousand two
Of the many we treat, we save but a few.

It's a foolish death, but survival may be worse
And that's the diabetic curse.


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