Friday, November 27, 2009

In the vicinity of our metropolitan area there are a number of prisons. Is this a curse, or a boon to business? I am not sure. However, I guess we can consider it a boon to Hospital revenue, because just a couple of the local hospitals, have the good fortune to having garnered the prison-care contract. That includes us at Sister Euphemia‘s joint.

Thus, I figured it was high time I took a look at the topic, and no better a time, than just having spent 3 nights administering to a bonafide felon from the notorious, Folsom Prison.

I Googled, “Folsom Prison Famous” and here is the following website, for those of you who are curious -

Made In The Shade

A prisoner from Folsom
San Quentin or Ione,
They love our soft beds
And their own custom phone,
The cable television
Music, movie, 50 channel,
The sheets from Bed & Bath
And the Ralph Lauren flannel.

Yes, a medical prisoner
Has it made in the shade,
Free, taxpayer paid insurance
And their own private maid,
To fluff up their pillows
And deliver their dinner,
Why, it makes it all worth it
To be a cold-blooded sinner.

Mr. I-Didn't-Do-It
Had a headache and blurred vision,
Apparently he had experienced
A head-floor collision,
After fighting with Bubba
For some contraband tobacco,
Not the best choice
Because, Bubba is a whacko.

The medical doctor
On site, at the slammer,
Had seen injuries like this
Like, head versus hammer,
And since the prison now out-sources
All their medical care,
We are the receivers
Of all the felons out there.

Most prisoners are cool
They know they've got it good,
Just smile, and say thank you
Like any locked up fool would,
When they know we have the power
To cause pleasure or pain,
Why even a rat understands
With his little rodent brain.

One or two ankles
Are shackled to the bed,
Two armed guards sit
Bored out of their heads,
It's a cush-job, always overtime
No part of it is hard,
Merry Christmas to all
Life is great, for a medical guard.

California prisoners
Fake an illness now and then,
To get a luxury bed in the hospital
Better than any, in the pen.


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